How to install and configure MySQL Master-Slave replication on a CentOS 7 VPS


In this tutorial we’ll explain how to install and configure MySQL Master-Slave replication on a CentOS 7 VPS. The following MySQL replication is based on binary log position, which means it is a process that allows you to easily maintain multiple copies of a MySQL data by having them copied automatically from a master to a slave database.

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How to install SOGo on Ubuntu 14.04 VPS

Sogo Diagram

In the following article we’ll explain how to install SOGo on Ubuntu 14.04 VPS. SOGo is a fully supported and trusted groupware server with a focus on scalability and open standards. SOGo is released under the GNU GPL/LGPL v2 and above. SOGo provides a rich AJAX-based Web interface and supports multiple native clients through the use of standard protocols such as CalDAV, CardDAV and GroupDAV, as well as Microsoft ActiveSync. SOGo is the missing component of your infrastructure; it sits in the middle of your servers to offer your users a uniform and complete interface to access their information. It […]

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How to patch Linux Glibc Getaddrinfo Stack Buffer Overflow Zero Day Vulnerability

A stack-based critical buffer overflow was found in the way the libresolv library (glibc) performed dual A/AAAA DNS queries. A remote attacker could crash or, potentially, execute code running the library on Linux. GNU C Library (glibc) could be made to crash or run programs or commands if it received specially crafted network traffic. The vulnerability was first reported by Google and Red Hat.

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